Tanka 246, 247

From the collection published in 2021, The Immediate and No Sooner.

Tanka 246.

Sliced thin and sunburned
picnic cake slumps on its plate
oozing pink icing.
Flies inspect it. Reject it.
A passing bird shits on it.

Tanka 247.

My prom dress –
A pink cotton cake
Iced grosgrain
ribbon loops
Three big piped rosettes smack dab
on my butt. Nice, huh?

6 thoughts on “Tanka 246, 247

  1. I feel like there is a connection between the cake and the dress, with both inspiring feelings of, if not quite contempt, then rejection. Or perhaps I am projecting how I would feel about the dress onto your poem.

    • No, I think you are right. In both cases, the item in question fell short and maybe it wasn’t even its own fault but that of the baker (cake) or the fashion standards (the dress). I kind of feel sorry for them but also feel like…No, I do not want you.

  2. This elicited a chuckle from me! I remember prom and the rage was chiffon and georgette in fluffy flowers and ribbons! I cringe looking at the photos!

    • Yes, I think about the same thing, the 1970’s looks, and how now I can’t believe any human would wear those clothes. Not just the dresses but also the tuxes.

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