Tanka 231, 232, 233

From the collection published in 2921, The Immediate and No Sooner.

Tanka 231
decorous toothbrush
lazy hairbrush snappish comb
familiar voices
bounce off green tiled walls. The world
is a five by eight bathroom.

Tanka 232
so many people
thousands in ranks stacked ten deep
jamming the sidewalks
the city spilling over –
one day it will be, again

Tanka 233
cheap paper daydream –
pay four dollars a copy
flip through the pages
the magazine does the rest
if you’ll let it. Sit. Try it.

5 thoughts on “Tanka 231, 232, 233

  1. As much as I have always found crowds distressing, that middle poem feels like an ode to hope. It has been very strange to drive through urban areas and see barely a person on the street. It will definitely be a sign that things have returned to normal when city streets are chock full of people again.

    • Yes, I dislike crowds too, as you know, and yet I’d like to see one again, and in a situation where there is no danger of illness or worry about it. I am not sure if or when that will ever be, not anytime soon, but…we can hope. You are right.

    • The city (I live in a suburb of Philadelphia) looks strange to me when I go in now with so many fewer people. I wish for things to be back to normal some day. Luckily here people wear masks even on the streets and always indoors.

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