Shadorma 344, 345, 346

Shadorma 344.
Orange frowns.
Lemon grimaces.
Who could like
these candies?
Such hard little dramas. Look!
I’ve broken a tooth.

Shadorma 345.
the red thirst
for getting even
the venom
stirred with rage
Pinch the vile ingredients
The cake tastes like guilt

Shadorma 346.
the misprint
that led me
straight to you
choose the wish over reason
let some dreams come true

4 thoughts on “Shadorma 344, 345, 346

  1. I love the phrase “hard little dramas” to describe the candy. My Gran used to take us to a confectioners shop that had been running since at least Edwardian times with, as it seemed, very little change over the decades. The hard candy – what we called boilings – were very hard so we were constantly warned to “suck, don’t bite” and the merest sound of a crunch would make my mother have a conniption.

    If cakes can be baked with love and food be invested with soul then I think it can also be baked with malicious feelings and imbued with nastiness.

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