A few new: Haiku 944, 945, 953, 954, 956

I’ve been in a haiku mood this past week or so. Here are few from recent sessions of writing.

Haiku 944

Stripes a songbird weaves
in the fabric of the dark
overdyed by dawn


Haiku 945

The light bulb burns out
Dark and rough the vipers hiss
I run back upstairs


Haiku 953

The plate prints page nine
Nine nerves tingling ink verses
Nine insects stinging


Haiku 954

The cloud doles them out
Stinging antiseptic drops
Rain makes me nervous


Haiku 956

Inch through the door – slip
on the wet floor. Who pushed you –
Door or Dorothy?


2 thoughts on “A few new: Haiku 944, 945, 953, 954, 956

    • When I lined up these sentences I realized there could be multiple ways to see this, all kind of fanciful, that the bulb was the focus (as you mention) or that the vipers were (I envisioned the bulb as being the sun getting extinguished and we must escape the chilling planet and the creatures who will thrive in darkness). Or else there could just be a snake filled basement ! This is why I like these short poems so much. And thank you for your mention of the first one, I like the feeling it has myself a lot.

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