The Fizz of a Sparkler

From the collection published in 2021, And Don’t Come Back.

The Fizz of a Sparkler

Shout out girl
you tell us!
in the middle of all these people
shopping sulky up and down all the aisles
no verve no sparkle no joy of living no pep!
working to drag themselves up to lethargic

You in the exuberance of finding
the just-right hand lotion
Yeah it’s just an ordinary day here but
your voice rising above the glum hum
says it’s not
at least for this one minute

I say
Shout out girl
Shout out!


3 thoughts on “The Fizz of a Sparkler

  1. I think the girl in this poem is somewhat representative of your approach to observing life: you see the sparks of interest and the ways to engage the imagination in situations that might be otherwise regarded as everyday and humdrum.

    • Thank you. And the funny thing, this girl is actually me. Doesn’t have to be lotion. I just seem to find the smallest things to enjoy. And that’s lucky because life is loaded with small things, lots to choose from. (I also really like hand lotion).

      • I find that I am capable of focusing on small pleasures like that when my life is operating at a more manageable pace. I think being in a rush, therefore, is one of the factors that leads us to overlook those everyday sources of joy. I have definitely been known to audibly squeal with glee when finding fresh figs in the store.

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