A few new: Snippets 382, 383, 384, 387, 388

How about some recent Snippets?

I’ve been doing Snippets off and on over the last few weeks, clipping and snipping away in the evenings while sitting on the sofa. It’s a change from my usual way of working when I lay out all the tiny pieces of paper on a table and push them around until things gel.

Instead, I’ve been drawing a clipped-out phrase or word at random, gluing it on a card, and then pulling out other words or phrases at random to see if anything fits. Usually two lines are pretty easy to come up with -it is the third ( and in my rule book Snippets need 3 or 4 lines) that can be tricky. Still, though, the random method is actually quite successful.

Because I think the key to Snippets is, don’t try to force them to say something. Be awake to the possibilities they present to you. In other words, don’t spend time searching for the match to the completing word or phrase you have decided you need – try as much as you can to go with what comes to you, as long as it seems to have some relationship.

Like I said, you will be surprised, if you try doing some Snippets.

Here are a few from a recent session. First the poems in words, and then the images.

that gentleman in there,
large gray and somehow
of concern to me,

let me catch you, you were saying
with my
pale, chalky hands

I envy you
comfortable behind a
very nice and very modest

My beloved
Would you care for some
very expensive ignorance of
common sense

no one should go without romance
without kissing
the absolutely perfect man

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