Haiku 907, 908, 909

From the book The Immediate and No Sooner, published in 2021.

Haiku 907.
pinking shears snip snick
serrated edges part ways
the floor claims the scraps

Haiku 908.
Stuffed-shirt swagger step.
Calculating. Bouquet in hand.
Better lock that door.

Haiku 909.
a smooth clean story.
the effort to construct lies.
this dreadful headache.

12 thoughts on “Haiku 907, 908, 909

    • Me too. I remember my mother’s pair, how we so wanted to use them on paper but they were just for fabric and she kept her eye on them. These days you can get patterned scissors all over the place. And, back to sewing themes, my mother liked us to cut out clothes with the pinking shears so the seam allowances did not ravel, in certain kinds of cloth. Using the shears made the aggravation of cutting out patterns go away!

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