In the Midst of So Much

From the collection The Immediate and No Sooner, published in 2021.

In the Midst of So Much

twice the owl
in the far-off said
something I
heard it loud
in the darkness but no more
again that morning

as daylight
dragged itself awake
not that day
not ever.
That I heard him speak I know
it was not to me.

shadorma chain

9 thoughts on “In the Midst of So Much

    • Yes, you are so right. They always have seemed something mysterious to me, not like hawks or sparrows or the birds you see in the daytime; I have thought it is because they are night creatures, there is just something different about them…

  1. I love to hear owls. We had a lot of them around our property when we lived in Scotland so I heard them almost every night. We also used to enjoy dissecting their pellets.

  2. From Frances
    Cornford: “O why do
    you walk through
    the fields in
    gloves, Missing so much and so
    much? Eliot said:

    I have heard
    the mermaids singing,
    each to each.
    I do not
    think that they will sing to me.”

    But the owls are yours.

    • Thank you. I hope so. Owls have a strong pull on me, I think the darkness, the night sky, tree branches high in the air, the mystery, the being out at night when people are not around. All these things.

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