Just the One

From the collection published in 2021, And Don’t Come Back.

Just the One

Just the one blister on her oboe finger led to
kudos not offered
opportunities unreaped
Perrier water no longer supplied
before a fancy concert
grape velvet dress not necessary
for solo parts and premieres.
Now she’s playing craft fairs
sitting under a pop-up tent
in the August sun
Lungs holding out though
a tub of ice for her Diet Coke
and tuna sandwich
at her feet
people sing along
to tunes she has composed
the life is kindly
Bless that blistered finger.


2 thoughts on “Just the One

    • And sometimes, that one chance happening that sends you in the right direction, but maybe didn’t seem to great at the time. It maybe took some pain to get there but where you ended up, it was better.

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