Tanka 229, 230, Shadorma 343

From the collection published in 2021, The Immediate and No Sooner.

Tanka 229

an untidy game
the cat unrolls the red yarn
wraps up the chair legs
I knit straight from the tangle
Knots and cat hairs all of it

Tanka 230

A husband quibbles.
I stand at the kitchen sink.
The steak knife lounges
in a soothing bubble bath.
I hate to disturb it, but…

Shadorma 343

The new paint
resets memories
of mice nests
in ceilings
broken pipe floods and warped floors.
I breathe in the scent.

7 thoughts on “Tanka 229, 230, Shadorma 343

  1. A fresh lick of paint can definitely transform more than just the colour of a room. It is one of my favourite things to do in terms of home improvements. I also enjoy washing things in hot, soapy water and getting everything shiny clean. The cat poem, of course, made me laugh because you always capture life with cats so perfectly.

  2. These are all so evocative–little movie scenes in a verse. Of course, I liked the first one with the cat and cat hair. The second one I could imagine as a Hitchcock scene, and the third one so true. I don’t like the smell of paint, but it can certainly refresh a room.

    • When I remodeled our basement I removed the old ceiling tiles and put up new ones. The evidence of mice in the old ones gave me the creeps every tile I replaced. We have always had cats since we lived here so maybe at least we’ve slowed them down a little. Eek.

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