Tanka 226, 227, 228

From the collection The Immediate and No Sooner, from 2021.

Tanka 226

part scandal part joke
our double act goes back years
this old iron and me
and what we’ve done together
to shirts skirts and boxer shorts

Tanka 227

sleepy doves startle
the flock fans out and flies up
one strikes the window
a glancing blow but lethal
feathers flutter to the ground

Tanka 228

the pen sketches in
repeats the diagonal
the shape is complete
too much so? what’s the absence
that your eye is looking for?

4 thoughts on “Tanka 226, 227, 228

    • I so hate to see a bird killed by flying into a window. Somehow it hurts me more than a lot of bigger tragedies. I guess because humans are so often uncaring as to what our effects are on our fellow creatures and I really love birds, so…And you are right, in a drawing, or any art work, so often I want to keep refining, and refining, and stopping is what I really need to do.

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