A few new: Tanka 282; Haiku 942; Haiku 943; Shadorma 390

Here are a few new poems from this week.

I enjoy looking at real estate listings on the internet. (I especially love a 3D tour). Recently I saw a house in poor shape, overgrown shrubbery, cracked asphalt driveway – you know the kind of house I mean. Yet in some way, it seemed defiant, almost, in its decrepitude. I was thinking about this house when I wrote the first three poems for today.

Tanka 282

The house turned its back
Cold-shouldered its cowed neighbors
Angry solitude
preferred. On this dead end street
children say it is haunted.


Haiku 942

Leaves in matted heaps
caught by the curb and left there
to rot. No one cares.


Haiku 943

on the dead end street
solitary by design
the proud house snubs all


In my childhood, if you burned yourself while cooking at my grandmother’s house, she administered first aid from a drawer right there on the spot in the kitchen.

Shadorma 390

Burn your hand
on the pie pan. Eat
a big slice
at dinner
the smell of aloe ointment
flavors every bite

2 thoughts on “A few new: Tanka 282; Haiku 942; Haiku 943; Shadorma 390

  1. Well I have just discovered another thing we have in common: I too like to snoop around real estate listings. I also follow an Instagram account that shares Cheap Old Houses and I annoy my husband endlessly by telling him how I would renovate the house and which room I would use for what purpose or saying “Just look at those pocket doors!” Maybe this is a form of mentally playing with a dollhouse?

    • I think it is all part of that house assortment of activities, definitely akin to playing with a dollhouse. Often if I am watching a movie or a TV show, later on I will check out the houses online in the city I’ve just been “visiting”.

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