Little Vines 11/22/21

How about some new Little Vines? Take a look and see what I have this week to show you.

My love, I await
another happier oscillation of the planet –
in other words, darling,
I hope for a better day tomorrow

The prefix of the meal a fine shrimp cocktail –
of the suffix, all I can remember is
it was overambitious and overbaked

Should deliberate confusion really be eliminated
in the verbal models you employ
in communicating with your spouse? Ask youself:
How’s that going to help our marriage?

The closet emptied of dresses
coats shirts shoes sweaters.
All gone. A cleaner’s tag on the floor.
You shut the door. Hangers rattle.

In the brightly lighted kitchen a man
looked over his utility bills
used a knife to pick his teeth

the bald man ruminates in his study
his beloved checks each knife
in the kitchen for sharpness

sturdy as concrete
twice as durable
the rumor that’s going around about you

the heat towers over the highway
the asphalt twists
the yellow center link kinks

yellow oven mitt
a burn mark on the thumb
It is unique.

in the thunk
of a green walnut on the sidewalk
I hear despair.
I’m tired of disappointing you.

you propose a logical linear journey
I would prefer
that you take me by surprise now and then

in the third row there is
a vat of pulp not yet resigned
to being pressed into egg cartons

Coffee made by a dead man
Pink roses in a vase on the piano
How can I make sense of it
when the author couldn’t?

It was Mom’s lasagna
the scent wafting through the cat door
that made our Mittens finally come home

A needle experiments
A spool of thread unwinds
to correct some unfortunate decisions

passengers on the express train
whisk past the first moments of a romance
now beginning at a local stop platform

a handful of yellow pencils yet unsharpened
the future
holds so many possibilities

2 thoughts on “Little Vines 11/22/21

    • You said it all right. Cats are a rule unto themselves. I remember one of our cats loved creamed spinach. She would appear almost as I got out the carton from the freezer (I just warmed up a store bought package not making it myself). How she knew???

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