Haiku 898, 899, 900, Tanka 225

From the collection published in 2021, The Immediate and No Sooner.

Haiku 898

her cankered embrace
who talks like that but it’s true
her touch shrivels you

Haiku 899

My last alias
How I enjoyed being her
I’m sorry she’s dead

Haiku 900

The landlord’s gray gaze.
The bounced rent check in his hand.
Once he was broke, too.

Tanka 225

gray sky and dead leaves
doves peck in the grass for seeds
the wind blusters on
a gap slips in between gusts
one slow leaf drops to the ground

2 thoughts on “Haiku 898, 899, 900, Tanka 225

  1. The final poem is very appropriate for these windy days we are experiencing. There is a lot if implied wider narrative in the other three poems. I am especially intrigued by the narrator who is discarding aliases.

    • Thank you. Yes, me too, the alias one, once I thought up the poem, I did spend some time thinking about how that could actually work in a story kind of way, not to write a story, I mean, just to think how a person might string along a set of identities…

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