There Is a Growing Impatience

From the collection And Don’t Come Back, 2021.

There is a Growing Impatience

First there was
Once upon a time

and then there was
Never mind

and then
I’m not sure what you mean
though it’s very kind of you
that you give me a second chance –

The third time
You are not so willing.


6 thoughts on “There Is a Growing Impatience

  1. This may well not be your intended meaning with this poem but it intersects with something I have been thinking about lately. This was my recent epiphany: some people don’t deserve our stories. While I could use an anecdote from my life to explain something or illustrate a point I am trying to make about why I am the way I am or to explain something about my way of being, some people just are not worth that investment of storytelling. I feel like I am at an age where I no longer feel compelled to justify myself generally so I think it forms part of that. Honestly, this pandemic experience has really made me reevaluate the value of so many things I had never even paused to think about before.

    • I think your interpretation of the poem is one of two that I thought of here and the other is, you also don’t have to listen to other people’s stories just because they want to tell them to you, and you don’t have to absorb them emotionally or whatever. It is all about setting boundaries, I think. Like you I often felt I owed people explanations and I would do so, and it got me nowhere because they didn’t take it into themselves. Now I keep more things to myself, consider my audience; and on the other side, tell people when I don’t want to hear them (nicely, if possible…) Much better for my sanity and mental equilibrium.

        • I was poor at boundaries, I said yes when I felt no, I tried to figure out what the person wanted me to say (even if I was not going to say it), I got stuck listening to all manner of stories, confessions, bla bla. No, I do not do this now.

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