Tanka 224, Haiku 895, 896, 897

From the collection The Immediate and No Sooner, from 2021.

Tanka 224

blurred copyright year
a book coy about its age
charmless and dated
the former belle of the ball
presents her tattered dance card

Haiku 895

the engine cramped up
the transmission seized and gasped
the minivan died

Haiku 896

the inheritance –
this dull sawblade of a laugh –
your father left you

Haiku 897

a wool coat soaked through
the apathetic triumph
of winter drizzle

2 thoughts on “Tanka 224, Haiku 895, 896, 897

  1. The first poem reminds me of when I rescued a whole bunch of vintage books from a library (not a public one) because they were destined for the skip/dumpster otherwise. I kept those books for many years, through many house moves, only parting with the majority of them when we emigrated. Some of them are still with me now though. They are tatty and smell exceptionally musty and are on shelves behind cupboard doors rather than the open shelves but they are still there. I think of them as being scrappy and tenacious.

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