From “And Don’t Come Back”, from 2021.


The first time it is
the getting off the ground
The second time
it’s the flight that matters

the gray moon
your dusted-off complexion
and your laugh
your wild mood and your hurry
Trailing streaks of ashy snow
you tear across the sky

You fly.


4 thoughts on “Moonrise

    • Thank you. I am hoping that in my next life I am some kind of creature who can fly. Moon or bird or insect or uknown alien being yet to be defined to me, I’ll try any of it.

    • Thank you. Well, you know, I can remember lying in bed in the bedroom I shared with my sister at our “old house” (which means I was about 4 or so) and seeing the moonlight come in the window on to the bed, and feeling the moon particularly was watching over me. I think I have not lost that even all these years later.

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