A Few New: Haiku 940, 941; Shadorma 381, 389

I’ve been focusing on short form poems such as haiku, shadorma, and tanka lately. Here are some examples from this week.

Haiku 940.

This winter night floats
half a minute to midnight
The snow falls in rafts

Haiku 941.

Glum as a toothache
who’s just grasped that the dentist
has expunged its home

Shadorma 381.

Up near night
pranksters skateboard home
streetlights pink
the sidewalks
skirting tight islands of light
the indigo rolls

Shadorma 389.

I keep here
Secret journaled thoughts
I’ll share one
from page ten:
Thoughts of mixing plaids and stripes.
I am tempted. Yes.

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