Little Vines 11/12/21

Another busy week. But the Little Vines are always a place where I want to spend some time. Here are the ones from this week.

the outraged heart
wields a razor
one close shave and you are gone from sight

I write my signature in chalk
on the sidewalk
the rain washes it away
By then I am long gone, too.

the fierce gift of
a paper cut
focusing your mind away from your troubles

In time a future reluctance to
talk face to face will arise, yes,
but for now we’re still friends

the gentle pink planet floats
in the center of this infinitely expanding
turquoise bowl

her life a skeletal structure
in which hours of stress
fill in the spaces

it never fails we have
information in five hundred files and yet
the simplest answers evade us all

it’s a lonely thing
to be waiting in a sterile container
when you forgot to bring a book with you

FYI, ten times worse than your usual ghost –
for those of you living in haunted houses –
is an intractable aging wraith with a cough

here’s how her autobiography ends –
the coin slot
jams on her last quarter

fussing with the ideology
that is always lurking in the peripheral vision
the paid spokesperson sweats before the crowd

Cats that are regularly defied
by their owners
never notice

the worm digs its way past
shards of metal buried deep in the earth
relics of the time
before the humans were asked to leave

Pressed for time?
Our organization offers a long list of quick prayers
suitable for those caught in a small boat
sinking in the middle of a lake in a thunderstorm

a disclaimer on the label of an empty bottle
the hairs ponder their new look
and wonder if they can still sue

of every type and description
blossom with the first hard freeze

4 thoughts on “Little Vines 11/12/21

  1. This week I feel like there is a thread of violence wending its way through the LVs, whether the violence is literal or expressed through violent emotions or interesting word choice. There is the implied physical violence of the first poem, of course, someone who could snap into a murderous act next time they are triggered; but there is also the coin jammed in the machine, the paper cut, the terrible racking cough; then there is the emotional “violence” of feelings of loneliness and rejection; and then there are word choices like “fierce” and “shards” and phrases like “hard freeze”.

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