A few new: Shadorma 376, 377; Tanka 278

Here are a few new poems from this week. It’s been another busy one with my three art classes but things are opening up with more time for writing in the next few weeks. That will be nice.

Shadorma 376.

Flex the nose
feel the body screech
My poor face
was not made
for this expression. My eyes
bug out. How you laugh.

Shadorma 377.

Screech their teeth
scolding ink-stained birds
shriek at me
What it means
I donโ€™t know but I think that
Iโ€™d better find out

Tanka 278.

Snarled-up traffic seethes.
Outraged honks and screeching brakes.
Helpless drivers hunch
behind restless steering wheels.
Blank windshields glare. Door locks snap.

11 thoughts on “A few new: Shadorma 376, 377; Tanka 278

    • Thank you. I’ve been in the city several times recently to go to the hospital regarding my eyes. I can’t believe I used to drive to work every day in traffic like that and it’s not as bad now as it was then. So this was a true feeling. When you are in the car you don’t really see people, you just see cars. The cars scare me.

        • Thank you. Right now I don’t know what my vision will be, what has caused the vision loss (in the left eye only) or even what has exactly brought it about. I also have several other conditions that are complicating the picture. I’ll find our more next week, I hope, in my next (the thrid) specialist visit. I am getting closer to answers, I am hoping. But even in normal times, I am not so confident at driving as I used to be. I guess because I don’t do it as much and of course, my vision was not what it was even before this latest.

        • Thank you. As time passes I will know more and I must be patient. Half of the problem is getting all these doctors to cooperate with the overall picture. Specialists are hard to manage.

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