Not Sure

From the collection published in 2021, And Don’t Come Back.

Not Sure

What it is is
it’s me it’s me just saying I am not sure
Not sure what you mean
what you mean now
now before the last words
the last words that crowded out
crowded out and then ate
the first ones you said
the first ones that were all I heard
but I am not sure
still not sure
not sure


13 thoughts on “Not Sure

    • I used to feel that words were where I needed them and when I wanted to speak, they never failed me, but as I have gotten older, it seems I have become so much more inarticulate, with so many competing thoughts at one time they get tangled up.

  1. I like the way the use of repetition and the shape of the poem echoes that feeling of uncertainty and tripping over communication as a result of not being resolute in what one is trying to express.

    • I used to be more articulate and my thinking more clear, now it seems I trip over my thoughts and words so much more. It also seems that so many more thoughts come at me at one time so maybe that is why. I wonder why this is happening. Why am I in such a hurry that multiple streams of thought must come along? I guess it’s getting older? Or maybe just me. Anyway, this poem says it for me all right!

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