Shadorma 342, Haiku 878, 879, 880

From the book published in 2021, The Immediate and No Sooner.

Shadorma 342

His new book
like a haiku of
quite lovely
but zero
sense-making strings of words that
got lost and gave up

Haiku 878

The messy pleasures
of top-heavy ice cream cones
and hot afternoons

Haiku 879

My sticky fingers.
I think maybe he suspects.
His wallet’s empty.

Haiku 880

A hundred more times
she wore the dress. And each time
it was wrong for her.

9 thoughts on “Shadorma 342, Haiku 878, 879, 880

  1. I love the ice cream poem. What a perfect symbol of summer. I like the way you presented the ice cream poem next to the “sticky fingers” one as I assumed it was going to be connected to the mess of the ice cream consumption. The juxtaposition, therefore, contributed to the sense of the reveal about sticky fingers being metaphorical rather than literal.

    • Thank you. I love it when something like sticky fingers can reverberate and bounce its different meanings among several poems or paragraphs or whatever and enlarge the whole picture. I wish I could say I did this one on purpose but I know I didn’t, unless maybe it was subconscious thinking….

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