A Few New: Snippets 372-375

I’m a little busy this week with art classes (somehow I scheduled myself for two online and one in person – but that will end next week and I’ll be down to just one) – plus an eye doctor appointment coming up. I did these snippets sitting on my sofa while watching TV – or, as it really is, letting the TV blabber on in the background while I cut up phrases and combine them in new ways.

My goodness, what a messy glue job I did on these, now that I see them scanned. Oh well.

so little inclined to answer questions
The moon had business with me.

She loved him, But
That uncomfortable feeling soon wore off,
remembered only with a shudder.

Word got around
And guess who
stepped out from behind a cloud

I knew it, of course,
that summer That day,
a photograph taken in the sunshine

5 thoughts on “A Few New: Snippets 372-375

    • Thank you. Yes, I thought the same thing about the second one. What caused the situation and who are the people involved? I love this kind of tiny mystery that invites speculation.

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