Little Vines 10/26/21

Here we go with this week’s selection of Little Vines.

the last sixty seconds
in the life of that child’s bicuspid:
pressure, panic, a sudden acceleration
and pop! It’s time to call the Tooth Fairy

the approach and arrival of
a cumulonimbus cloud of wasps.
a storm of stings rains down.

Mom, we’re not hiding nothing bad from you!
the kids said and it was true – They sure were
hiding something bad from me all right.

a dishonest penny earned –
what can it buy?
can it still be considered legal tender?

the reckless planet swings near the sun
gives it a slap
and doesn’t live to regret it

I’m telling you there’s no traffic situation
she can’t find an accident to get into

The baby’s broadcast frequencies span the bands
but her exhausted static drowns out the programs –
it’s just one big screech. Time for a nap.

grasp the flower with gentle fingers
then yank and snap its stem?
what an awful thing you want me to do

the gears locked the truck shuddered
its underpowered motor took a moment to
step back and reconsider

just ladle out four extra servings
of this cold greasy soup
and we’ll never have to have him for a house guest again

this mummy clad in a
button-down collar and glen plaid wool wrappings –
I think I need say no more.

our conversation spins and twirls
a ballerina’s pirouettes on a stage
could not be more dizzying

in the older times we gathered
in the nights made seamless
with twine and grease
and the pop of sparks flying up from the fire

No pre-fabricated universes available right now
Apologies to all deities shopping for future creations –

We do carry a very popular pattern – Make it yourself
in just seven days! said the sign in the store window

onions of considerable size,
they toe the starting line
too corpulent to outrun my knife

the sharp-edged stars
cut the deep black infinities of space
arranging pattern parts for a new universe

A hinge that squeaks
and all I can think about is that flaw –
Not how quickly the door opens.

Just a small party
stupid things happened
Harm done Keep the guilt
It’s yours all right

5 thoughts on “Little Vines 10/26/21

    • My mind was thinking about the cosmos and infinity (vs me and my tiny speck of a life) and how all the parts have to be arranged and they shift around and etc. I feel I have more of this kind of poem bouncing around in my head still, I guess until this though train passes through.

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