Shadorma 333, Shadorma 334, Shadorma 335

From the poetry collection published in 2021 containing poems written in 2020, The Immediate and No Sooner.

Shadorma 333

Will the ghosts
mock the medium
up to now
corralling ectoplasm
for a nice profit?

Shadorma 334

The dollars
sigh on their tired trudge
out of the
thin billfold
into the cash register
at the pharmacy

Shadorma 335

of dinner plates chat
Stray ladle
reaches out
for a unifying word.
A pot breathes out steam.

One thought on “Shadorma 333, Shadorma 334, Shadorma 335

  1. The final poem makes me think of all the anthropomorphic kitchen items in the Disney movie ‘Beauty and the Beast’. I think you could conjure up an entire short story out of that first poem. I love the idea of a charlatan medium actually being manipulated by ghosts. I think I would be the type of belligerent ghost who refused to be at someone’s beck and call, performing for their own gain.

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