Shadorma 330, Shadorma 331, Shadorma 332

From the poetry collection published in 2021 containing poems written in 2020, The Immediate and No Sooner.

Shadorma 330

shipping tags:
blank manila card
hole for string –
this box of one thousand for
as many journeys

Shadorma 331

Springed Out
and now gone Disrolled.
Busted off
too-tight Tight
for Detwistification
and then Laid-Out Flat.

Shadorma 332

Cardboard awaits. You
are hungry
for a slice.
Corrugated cellulose.
Your favorite meal.

5 thoughts on “Shadorma 330, Shadorma 331, Shadorma 332

  1. I love using the guillotine. That sharp chop is so satisfying. I wonder when we stopped using those manila shipping tags? I still have a small stack of them actually that I use for gift labels but I have not seen them used for parcels in many decades now.

    • I think for shipping, I remember them in my childhood. And so many times attached to items such as furniture, or the like, in stores. I also remember seeing them used in my early days working for the bank, when I would visit customers and they would often have inventory tagged in the warehouse with them.

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