A Smile on Her Face

From the collection And Don’t Come Back, published in 2021.

A Smile on Her Face

frayed-nerves iguana mom
ungainly in looks agile in pragmatism
overlooked the kookiest antics of her daughter
the frothiest flippant teenager she’d ever seen
instead she took delight in
the ultraviolet swoop of her offspring’s tail


6 thoughts on “A Smile on Her Face

    • It started out as a Little Vine with the first line and part of the 2nd, but then…I don’t really know how, this whole picture emerged in my mind, a mom who sees the good in her kid and lets her be who she is. I don’t remember if some ancient memory of my own (of this NOT happening) set me off or not, but I wanted to feel optimistic about family ties and I looked for the good and this poem happened. I do really like it, it makes me relax even now, reading it over again.

    • Me too. I wish I had been like this mom myself, I think I tried, but I am pretty sure that often it did not come off. I am very judgemental by nature, and in the past much more so. As I get older I am mellowing. Life teaches this. I think the influence of friends and relatives who are iguana moms like this is more valuable every day.

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