Little Vines 10/21/21

This week’s selection.

the old smooth snowman
slumped in the side yard
without a regret

Half of the fifteen selected were selected.
The cow towers over the picnic basket.
A surplus of struggle strains the vocal cords.
All of these are, have been, or will be true.

this hypothesis –
like a python with a bulging belly –
will break down the problem nicely

Opposite the preening bargain
stood the confident outright steal.
Full price sat in the back row, fighting tears.

So this morning
I face my occasional partner the steam iron
we hiss in unison and get to work

This poem is a gray lumpy gruel for the soul,
wrote the editor in the introduction,
thinking, I wish I had written it

The lady in this play chatters on and on.
A three-act monologue performed seated.
Audience sympathy is always with the sofa.

Chez papacy
Bless you
is said a lot more often than just when people sneeze

my red hot iron and I – is that my smile
I see reflected in its polished sole plate
or – its own devilish grin it glimpses mirrored
in my soul?

The fireworks waver in the sky
suddenly realizing they suffer from
fear of heights and of falling

In Your Face You Blabbermouth
or Corpse on a Carb Counting Cruise?
You said to do it by the book, but which one did
you mean?

What he offered me was
not much of a bribe –
more like a sarcastic impulse

the crossword puzzle
budgets the boredom of the solver
and doles out frustration accordingly

I need a few minutes alone
with the assumptions
this pricy luggage makes

This book is so bad
its paragraphs are fleeing by the pages
asking for asylum in any nearby printed matter
I even see one sentence pleading with a cereal box

sucking on a sweet honey cough drop
he forged all the signatures
flipped the cult to his control
added a dental plan for good measure

how will the holiday proceed?
the plumbing in the downstairs powder room
holds the key to that question

the irritating applicant
fulminates. the potential boss
ruminates. the resume resonates
against the sides of the metal trash can.

8 thoughts on “Little Vines 10/21/21

  1. There is a lot of surrealism and humour in this collection of LVs. I found myself chuckling and smiling throughout. I found myself very engaged with #5303. It’s a very intriguing premise that suggests a whole narrative behind it and more to come. Furthermore, if I was to ever become a cult leader (no plans to do so yet) then I would be precisely the type of cult leader who got everything organized and running efficiently.

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