Information Dump

From the collection And Don’t Come Back, published in 2021.

Information Dump

OK, so we were
capriciously hustling a calorie burn we ended up
erroneously stockpiling lactic acid and at the cost of
irretrievably affiliating ourselves with
arduously dirtied pants, shirts, and socks
in other words we hiked in the state park
got lost fell down a ravine and crawled back to the car
haphazardly nibbled by bored mosquitoes
intermittently crying (us, not the mosquitoes)
under a full moon. Is that enough detail for you?


6 thoughts on “Information Dump

  1. Great poem. I could imagine the scenario and the thoughts and feelings involved. I have tumbled into many ditches, small ravines, and even a thorn-filled moat. It is definitely a risk of rambling.

      • Yes. I was one of the teachers accompanying a school trip to a local ruined castle. One of my students fell into the (no longer water filled) moat and I was trying to help her climb out but instead I took a tumble too and joined in her the moat, the bottom of which was filled with thorn covered bushes. We both looked an absolute state when we scrambled out of there.

        • Well, I bet you had to take some ribbing for this for some time, but let’s face it – who was the one in there trying to rescue the student, when you get right down to what matters? Just saying. I’m only glad that at least you did not get wet from slimy water, which is what I was imagining.

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