A Few New: Tanka 277; Last Seen Wearing a Green Flowered T-Shirt

Here are a couple of recent poems. In fact, from today.

Tanka 277

near the portly man
in the peculiar jacket
and his warts asthma
clogged arteries sniffles and
heel spurs– there she is! Hey, Ann!



Last Seen Wearing a Green Flowered T-Shirt

She has a taste for dangerous pursuits
as well as qualities of adaptation that
in better times I’d like to think
she gets from me but
not right now
My toddler daughter
has penned me up in the
portable play fence and while I
struggle to untangle my hair
from the mesh she
dismantles the baby gate
jimmies the back door
and now
she and her toy cow
stalk a feral cat in the back yard

A blur of motion then
Spine-tingling frantic yowls
Not from her
or the cow.

Oh dear.


2 thoughts on “A Few New: Tanka 277; Last Seen Wearing a Green Flowered T-Shirt

  1. That second poem made me literally chuckle out loud. I could absolutely picture the scene, the personalities of the characters involved, and my experience as a parent and as a preschool teacher makes me marvel at the fact that something like this has never (yet) happened to me.

    • I have noticed my granddaughter’s strong will and very decided and determined behavior. I do not think her parents know what is coming, but I don’t think she will get up to this kind of thing (ever, I hope) anytime soon. I do think she is fully in charge of her own home. And the toy cow is definitely inspired by her (her favorite animal right now is the cow) and then you add in my crime fiction reading…where else could I go!!!???

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