Timely Spin of the Wheel

From the collection And Don’t Come Back, published in 2021.

Timely Spin of the Wheel

When it happened
it was an aw shucks-defying eureka moment
a great big moment all right
and right away it tossed around our fake modesty
came near swamping us in the wake when it sped off
like a big-engine motorboat painted neon yellow
going flat out and with the current.
But we’re too good of water-skiers
not to hang on to the rope
we got our balance
stayed on our feet and
rode the whole thing into shore
not quite knowing what had happened
but that it had happened and, well,
that was good enough for us

Serendipity, mmmh!
I blow you a kiss
and wave.


5 thoughts on “Timely Spin of the Wheel

    • When waterskiing I always found there was that moment when the boat picked up speed and began exerting force but you weren’t set on your skis, you had to grab the right moment and posture to get up and ski. I have thought of this sometimes when opportunity comes along and yanks, maybe, but you’ve got to get up on the water yourself and get the ride. And, reading this poem, it really makes me wish I could waterski just one more time, in real life…

  1. I have never waterskiied but I think it is a good metaphor about being prepared for the opportunities in life to come along and get ready to ride that wave. Or is that more of a surfing metaphor? I don’t do watersports at all beyond swimming.

    • I think you are talking surfing now but it is the same idea- when the opportunity comes it’s grabbing it and then having the skills to further it, I think.

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