How It Came to Be

From the poetry collection published in 2021 containing poems written in 2020, The Immediate and No Sooner.

How It Came to Be

cotton cloth
where threads intersect
gray and white
columns cross
gray and white rows. The colors
flow through the fabric

endless grids
yards and yards of it
a fabric
to be cut
sewn hemmed wrapped sold and defined:
gray checked dish towel.

shadorma chain

7 thoughts on “How It Came to Be

    • That’s interesting. These were my dish towels. Because of my sewing background when I see cloth or clothing products I often think of the many precise steps in manufacturing a simple item like this. In today’s world, so much is done with computers compared to the past but the cloth behaves the same, hems still need to be done …

  1. Yes.. the complexity of each of the billions of things in the world both occurs to me and astounds me frequently. How in the world did they all come to fit together?

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