Perplexing Recollections in Search of Resolution

From the collection And Don’t Come Back, published in 2021.

Perplexing Recollections in Search of Resolution

You mention
the mythic calico of the apron I wore
the ulcerous permanence of the memory of
my omnivorous scheming that came to nothing
my addled impromptu attempts to remedy
the dispirited results. You remember that summer
and that kitchen? I am surprised.

Yes. I may have added the spices
with more enthusiasm than the recipe directed:
very gingerly
can mean more than one thing in cooking
can’t it? No?
And now I learn
take a grain of salt and take it with a grain of salt
are not the same thing. In any case
here is what I need to know:
has it changed your mind about the taste
of the cake I baked you
so long ago?


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