A few new: Sleek White Sneak; Eye Exam at the End of September

How about a couple of recent poems? The first one, well, it’s a cat poem. The second one, it is an eye poem. These are two subjects that are often on my mind these days. And that’s why these poems were written. Enough said! Thank you for reading.

Sleek White Sneak

air glides the baseboard
southsides the door frame
cross slides the dining room
low tides the table leg
skew-eyes the end chair
kick strides the jump up
topside and stop

this ample cat
joyrides a fast nap
you catch him out cold
sprawled on place mat
king of the household
lullibied and lazy fat
sleeping big and dreaming bold



Eye Exam at the End of September

Ten or so of us
we sit in the plastic chairs
pupils dilating.
We wait. The doctor will trace
sight’s path into our brains when

squinting, one by one
we are led off to rooms where
we sit in the dark
a pencil of light shines in –
To glimpse thoughts? To sense visions?

tanka chain

6 thoughts on “A few new: Sleek White Sneak; Eye Exam at the End of September

  1. I hope that writing about your experiences is helpful to you in some way, assisting you in processing everything you are going through. The cat poem is great. You always capture the behaviour of our feline companions so perfectly.

    • Thank you. I have always thought about how, when my eyes are dilated, the doctor can see right into my head to my brain (since your optic nerve is part of your brain). And the idea of seeing into my ideas and thoughts has ocurred to me as that very bright light examines all the way deep into a place normally that can’t be seen or accessed. As for the cat poem, well, our cat Martok is the model!

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