Shadorma 339, Shadorma 340, Shadorma 341

From the poetry collection published in 2021 containing poems written in 2020, The Immediate and No Sooner.

Shadorma 339

raking leaves
is never complete
until you
go running
through the whole big pile kicking
brown leaves in the air!

Shadorma 340

shortcake and ice cream
six servings.
Greedy me
How I regret it. I dream
gooey pink nightmares.

Shadorma 341

So spicy
your homemade chili
the piquant
zesty punch
to my gut I feel for hours.
Please, just a small bowl.

9 thoughts on “Shadorma 339, Shadorma 340, Shadorma 341

  1. These make me think of when my children were young. Well, not the last one–because all and my husband and kids all like spicy food.

    When our kids were little they jumped. in the leave my husband raked, and in the summer when we picked strawberries, we had strawberry shortcake for dinner. 😀

    • My grandparents had a lot of trees at their house and I loved leaf raking season – they burned them and I remember loving the smell of burning leaves and standing out in the chilly air…I can’t eat spicy food at all, the least bit of chili spice makes my eyes water when no one else even tastes it…and strawberry shortcake, that was a dessert I learned of in adulthood, no one made it in my childhood, but, yum, I am making up for lost time!

      • I remember people burning leaves–but not my family. That’s interesting about the food. Perhaps you’re a super taster. You would not be able to eat most of what I cook. 😀 I don’t remember having strawberry shortcake as a child either, but it made my kids so happy to have that special treat–dessert for dinner!

  2. The first one reminds me of my own childhood. In those days, after playing in them, we raked the leaves into the street, and at night the fathers lit them while we watched, mesmerized while the acorns popped, and the smell of burning leaves covered the street. (K)

    • My grandparents had a wire cage like thing they piled the leaves in and then we burned them. Yes, acorns popping – I remember that. There is nothing like the smell of burning leaves, it will always be the smell of fall to me…

    • No, I think there is something about a pile of leaves that calls out a kind of universal human urge to run through them or scatter them or jump in the pile!

    • When I used to do this when I was little, my grandmother would scold me for messing up all their work (they had a large yard with lots of trees and leaf-raking was a big job) but my grandfather would just chuckle, and then my grandmother would tell me to get out my tiny rake – I had miniature tools of everything they did and used to “help” them with their tasks – and we’d get things back in shape, which I loved as much as running into the pile in the first place. Lots of nice autumn memories.

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