Little Vines 10/6/21

This week’s selection.

One day I am finally going to admit
that the well-worn groove I occupy
is well-worn for good reason
which is: because I like it

we opened the ancient photo album and
poof! a cloud of dust puffed out over us as
every pleasant memory exhaled in relief
Finally someone has stopped by to visit.

I know a short cut – just a minor detour –
in your thinking
that could save us a long drawn-out argument

the winners get another spin around the gossip wheel
the losers go into the consolation round and…silence.
it hurts to know your secrets are only second-rate.

the bird refrains
from nothing it wants to do
right now its only wish is to sing

the singer dribbles out a squeak or two
the melody makes a frantic dash for the door
Too late. Its reputation is already ruined.

You’re here to say good-bye forever,
the architecture of my tomb proclaimed
to the mourners. Or so you think.

you ought to take a vacation, he said
He drove me to the airport where
I put him on a rocket to the moon and
went home to settle into my vacation.

assured of safety, a momentary silence –
then the crowd comes to a decision and
resumes a panic everyone is thoroughly enjoying

dissecting the subtexts
of the superstitions and dogmas of
my neighbor’s approach to filling his trash bins
taxes me at times

after I finished screaming
I felt a whole lot better
that’s the only reason why I did it

the ghoul said, dimpling disingenuously

On Monday, you don’t know that
things were perfect on Thursday,
which you’ll find out on Saturday

Character is destiny, defined:
a yawn of an ingredient will make its insipid way
across every culinary category it encounters

What a group of cut-ups
those dismembered phantoms are
flinging their limbs and laughs all over the place

Should your cat intervene with your mother-in-law
on your behalf? Because, though she doesn’t like you,
it’s a known fact that she loves cats.

a diagnosis of “alive” seems a bit vague to me
I told the doctor
So I’m vague on whether or not I’ll pay you for it.

it’s not that perfect afternoon at the beach
a broken-spined water-stained paperback book participates

the long dull hours bouncing off the clock
like the basketball
a bored kid dribbles in the driveway

the answer is right in front of you
in the overture
from her favorite opera

No one really stops to appreciate
the work of the plate
bearing up under a load of burned tuna casserole
without revealing even a hint of disapproval

8 thoughts on “Little Vines 10/6/21

  1. The connective tissue I see in this week’s LVs is a sense of self-assurance in one’s identity or life choices. A well-worn book is someone’s sense of perfection; the narrator knows how to steer things to avoid an argument; the bird has a strong sense of purpose. Or perhaps I am projecting this theme onto the poems because I very much identify with the first poem except that I am not remotely in denial about it: I am perfectly comfortable in my rut.

      • I think there is a difference between ruts that confine you and which are not of your own choosing and ruts that are comforting and are a decisive choice. I definitely resist and escape from some ruts I have found myself in but others are definitely part of a routine I find reassuring.

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