What Stakes Are We Playing For

From the collection And Don’t Come Back, published in 2021.

What Stakes Are We Playing For

Lounging on their hooks in the garage
the rake brags to the snow shovel:
I’ll take your sloppy snowstorm
and raise you a tarp of wet leaves
and slaps down another hand. Plenty of leisure –
Nothing but time! Outside the window
the lawnmower struggles in the late summer heat.
The rake and the snow shovel laugh. How they laugh!
and they deal the cards again.
the first leaf falls.


9 thoughts on “What Stakes Are We Playing For

  1. The rake and snow shovel seem like such unlikeable creatures. You never know about the snow shovel, but I imagine the rake is starting to get busy. 😀 I wonder if ours have seen the skunk that’s been around and sprayed my husband last week.

    • I have often thought of our tools as having personalities (especially when this or that one malfunctions or else I don’t handle it right and it gets back at me) since I was a child, and it seemed to me that like people, they were influenced by their jobs, or else, a certain kind of personality made sure it got made into a shovel or a broom? Well, you see where my head was at in childhood and it hasn’t changed. As for now, the lawnmower is relaxing, the rake in anxiously awaiting the leaves but also is resentful since we got the blower. And the snow shovel, it just laughs all the time at everyone else, lazy thing.

    • Every tool has its personality al lright. And even among a category, you know, certain shovels , let’s say, are mild mannered and cooperative and others just fight you. Nothing is straightforward in this world, is it?

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