A few new: Tanka 276, Haiku 937

I don’t know why but recently I’ve been taking lines I jot down from TV dialogue and using them as inspirations for haiku, tanka, and shadorma form poems. Usually I save these for Little Vines, but there is plenty of material to go around.

Anyway, these two poems were written one after another. I guess there were problems with romance on the show I was watching, but I don’t remember musical instruments being involved…Some ideas come from places we don’t know where.

So, two recent poems.

Tanka 276

you say you love me
but why don’t you visit me
the way you used to
strumming your ukelele
Saturday night serenades


Haiku 937

the office romance
nothing to worry about
until the phone rings


2 thoughts on “A few new: Tanka 276, Haiku 937

  1. The office poem makes me wonder with intrigue about the phone call. What is about to be disclosed? Will potential adversity encourage the relationship to thrive or sound its death knell?

    • And, it is all happening under the eyes of the rest of the office mates. Because you know nothing is a secret in an office. I do like writing this kind of thing when there is so much ambiguity and the reader (and the writer, too) have to fill in with imagination, what is not in the words, but is guided by the words.

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