Little Vines 9/30/21

This week’s assortment of Little Vines.

this old world
its antique eyes bleary and tired
but still spinning quite a tale

who am I kidding
the noticeable equilibrium of your facial expression
informs me of your utter indifference to my charms

The argument in the living room
The domestic sphere asserts itself
the nuclear family detonates

demoted to starchy appetizer
since you refuse to step up and
own the protein role

Ignoring the cash in her purse
she offered me instead a lipstick sample
of the garish shade same as she wore herself
Lousy tipper

that creep on the bus, well,
she swung her folded umbrella,
enhanced his nose without expensive plastic surgery

can your shadow exercise
without you? More to the point
why would it bother?

Can the choir sing and glow
Does the shoe heel and toe
Will you ever go and
how will I ever know?

in a not-so-subtle footnote to our disagreement
the synonyms for once are not so willing to step up
and soothe. All that’s left is
We continue to glare at each other.

the man opens the door with a key
that twines its way among the wards
a rootlet feeling its way in the dark

Dear Diary:
it’s beyond embarrassing
a heaping helping of mortification
such that I can’t tell even you. Cringe.

two suns in the sky
two competing dawns
twins with hangovers stir and yawn

the newly-discovered tumor
celebrated in this photo shoot?
flushed out of hiding and now
forced to change its address

mortal creatures:
the solutions are difficult
and you don’t stick around long enough to see them out

No, I’m not free Not that weekend
Not that weekend two years from now
Not that weekend two years ago
Never was never will be never.

I agree
there has always been something about Bill
and the way he scampers across the office
with a doughnut stuffed in his cheek

why does the wind lurk
lisping through the ill-fitting window
straining the patience with sundry gusts?

I read about you and pity you
stranded here forever
a character in this dimwit’s autobiography

the theology exists the rules stink
when all that matters is the glossy sunshine
smoothing itself across the grass

3 thoughts on “Little Vines 9/30/21

  1. I feel like there is a bit of a theme of endurance or things failing to endure weaving its way through several of this week’s LVs. There are friendships and familial relationships deteriorating – or even detonating – and the world keeps spinning despite being depleted. The person with a problem lacks the endurance to reach a solution and meanwhile the woman and the bus has endured enough and takes revenge on the creep.

    • This is how I am feeling, My eye problem will be a long time healing and requires work. I feel a bit of distress at all of it but I have to push that down and just keep going, and do the treatments, and then eventually something will resolve. I guess the Vines knew it.

  2. I really like especially the first one–that about sums it up. I also like the idea of my shadow exercising without me. If it managed to lose weight, would my body shrink appropriately? Probably not, but one can hope. (K)

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