Office Coffee All Day

Office Coffee All Day

Fill the cup shake in the sugar
a grainy snowfall of sweet that
hits the bitter feet-first
but sinks with no effect on this
stand-your-spoon-up-strong kind of coffee
just short of scald your tongue hot and
black that swallows up any cream
fool enough to venture in
coffee that magics caffeine
coffee stewing strong in the pot
coffee semi-solid ultra-noir all day long


5 thoughts on “Office Coffee All Day

    • When I worked at the bank one million years ago, we had the coffee service with the pots on the burner in the break room, in one department where I worked. People kep on making a new pot when the old one ran out so you could get a new pot or the one that had been sitting for a …while…. dpending on how many people dropped in for a cup. Wow, that stuff would take your hair off your head. For some reason I liked it.

  1. I cannot abide coffee but many coffee drinkers I know treat it as if it is essential to their existence, as if the consumption of it is transformative and they cannot function without it. Therefore, when I read your poem, it made me think of a magic spell, the ingredients and instructions for brewing the potion.

    • I don’t like coffee much but I loved the overcooked coffee we had in one office where I worked many years ago, the pots sitting on the burners for quite some time usually, and it got strong all right. You are right, it was a potion.

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