A few new: Tanka 268, Tanka 269, Shadorma 370

A couple of poems about things I have seen around – an old notebook, a sports team at practice.

Tanka 268

from a vanished world
neatly penned irrelevance
blurred and faded words
an agenda from the past
fills the discarded notebook


Tanka 269

breezy fall morning
the girls’ hockey team runs laps
in slanted sunshine
midfielders focus on speed
goalie waves and shouts hello


Here is another poem relating to my recent eye issues. My eye is healing but I will be seeing an out of focus world for some time.

Shadorma 370

Have patience
with this new version –
This blurred view.
Strain your eyes
and get nowhere. Learn to live
with the soft edges.


8 thoughts on “A few new: Tanka 268, Tanka 269, Shadorma 370

    • Thank you. No idea how this is all going to come out or how long, but, I remind myself that unlike many of my other conditions, this one is not damaging my sight permanently in a way that cannot be helped. Still…I am hopeful things will heal up with fewer rather than more tangential detours!

    • Thank you. I am impatient and need to let my eye do as it can do, but I don’t like waiting. Eventually I think I will see in better focus again . Glasses can fix things when my eye decides it is time. Like so many things, out of our hands, but we want to feel we can steer or push things along… I learn this lesson over and over!

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