The gate down
the red lights flashing
the train horn
blares. Too near
but you slip under the gate
and run the crossing

safe this time
but just so. That horn
now shouts out
angry fright
the engineer cursing you
behind the windshield

the wheels cut
straight along the rails
in a rush
of thick air
the train pounds through the crossing
Not you. Not this time.

shadorma chain

5 thoughts on “Gamble

  1. I find it absolutely terrifying in a way that gives me literal chills when I see people ducking under train barriers. I have had the unfortunate experience of being a passenger on several trains that were stopped because of hitting a person. I really wish people would just take the time to save their lives.

    • On the Pannypack Trail there is a grade crossing and I see this happen often. People are not patient. I had an employee some years ago whose son was killed by a train when he miscalculated. That is not something you ever get over and I wish no family would be in that position, that is what I think when I see these people skipping under the gate.

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