Shadorma 317, Haiku 858, Tanka 196

From the poetry collection published in 2021 containing poems written in 2020, The Immediate and No Sooner.

Shadorma 317

pink headscarf
delphinium dress
ink black tights
arm in arm
with her suit and high heels friend
they laugh and walk on

Haiku 858

symptoms of polite:
you won’t ever talk to me
but you smile and nod

Tanka 196

Her last thought it was
an egg-shaped brainwave shell cracked
and in the sizzle
a grease-fire-fried runny yolk
incinerating the pan

All poems written 9/10/20

One thought on “Shadorma 317, Haiku 858, Tanka 196

  1. That last poem made me laugh. I can identify with reaching that stage of mental fatigue. I can completely visualize my thoughts being a broken egg yolk burning in a pan.

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