A few new: Shadorma 365

Some of you may know that this summer I have been struggling with eyesight issues for the past three months or so due to infections in my left eye. Yesterday I had surgery to deal with complications and I hope everything might be on the mend now (crossing fingers).

I wanted to keep the poetry-writing string going with something new each week, the procesds I’ve been following for a while. A routine is helpful when things are kind of shaky.

This shadorma deals with another result of my surgery…a slight change in my appearance, thankfully temporary…

Shadorma 365

A purple
of that exact shade –
Long pursued,
never found –
Now – it stares me in the face.
My black eye. Oh dear.


16 thoughts on “A few new: Shadorma 365

  1. Potent shadorma, Claudia. Isn’t that the way it goes. Still unattainable on the page. Hoping the surgery takes care of your eye struggles.

  2. I hope your surgery is successful. Purple is a special colour…especially certain shades. Lately there has been rare pops of purple around here from wild purple asters. Take care 🙂

    • Thank you. It has been a wearing situation with my eyes and I feel the surgery was the right step, now, just need to be patient and let healing take place, and I am keeping my fingers crossed.

    • Thank you, I believe the eventual outcome will be good, but it is a long road and requires some patience (which I am not so good at). In the end I think things will be ok, I am very lucky to live where I can get top notch eye care.

    • Thank you. I feel fortunate to have had good care for this episode and all the other scrapes that my eyes find themselves getting into. This time I should be ok with time (crossing fingers).

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