Tanka 143, Shadorma 235, Haiku 734

Tanka 143

A thunk and thunk thunk
A bridge reconstruction job
A back-up beep sound
mixed in with non-stop curses
loud and clear. Can’t be good news.


Shadorma 235

spots marked on yellow
half-curled leaf
Weeks before
the rest it lets go and drops
beside my left foot


Haiku 734

gasping splat splat splat
of the cleaner’s spray bottle
she wipes the tables


5 thoughts on “Tanka 143, Shadorma 235, Haiku 734

    • There is a bridge near me getting replaced (not the inspiration for this poem, as the poem is earlier, but…there is always a bridge getting replaced, I think) and every time I go through the site this scene is playing out. If they are not standing around looking into a hole or bed of rebar in dismay…

  1. Excellent use of onomatopoeia in the first and final poems. The changing colours of the leaves is something I enjoy looking for every year since I enjoy Autumn no much but when they sere and drop I know Winter is coming and that is a season I endure rather than enjoy.

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