Little Vines 9/2/21

This week’s selection!

plush blue towels and a pile of silver forks
the only wedding gifts
that remain to be returned

the bloated baby and
her humble bowl of oatmeal and
suddenly it all goes up in the air: sppppppttt!

I think he’s over-compensating
for what happened on the beach
yesterday. Let’s just wait it out.

marvellous accidental thought
that vagabond ray of sunshine
melted the ice and thawed my heart

I very much doubt
his talent for oozing nervous sweat
helped him much in that job interview

Trash day: the expensive house
the tasteful development. the garbage can
overflowing and overturned.
the dirty diaper split open on the sidewalk.

A moody woman and dangerous when
the erratic burn of her temperament
flamed into outright ire

Arnold is a bodybuilder
a busybodybuilder
polishing his gossip muscles

not one silent minute
in seventeen years
this wonderful clock.
Tick tick tick tick tick…

she glittered the week away
secure in the billowy approval
of gallons of pink champagne

Dig yourself a big hole –
crawl fall loll in it.
It’s all yours. Do whatever you like.

the dull story
delegates to the lurid pink ink that records it
the task of drumming up some drama

after such a great number of compliments
my lips were simply exhausted
by the incessant smiles and thank you’s they emitted

you don’t have to pretend
on this chile pepper-hot sweltering day
that you feel like doing one blasted thing

bloated and gasping
the family emerges, eyes watering,
congratulating themselves on their survival:
another Sunday dinner at Uncle Ike’s

7 thoughts on “Little Vines 9/2/21

  1. My brain doing its usual thing of insisting on connections, I think the theme this year might be the gap and conflict between expectation and reality – the flashy house but the gross garbage can; the wedding gifts that are unwanted; dull stories instead of drama.

    • Yes, funny you say this, on various subjects recently I have been working to get my thinking to differnetiate between the daydreamy perfect and the reality which is fine, just not…perfect.

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