Man Walking on Cherry Lane

Man Walking on Cherry Lane

Bald-headed bandy-legged
man on a morning walk
one-ear earbud and white cord
Phone in his hand.
His mouth moving
I expect to hear
snips of a one-sided conversation
but no
he serenades the tiny houses
the old trees squeezed in by the sidewalk
the sun the sky the breeze
the anyone and anything
who can hear him
he sings with the music he carries with him
he leaves some of it with me. Good morning
he says not missing a beat
singing down the street
in the shade of a cool summer morning


15 thoughts on “Man Walking on Cherry Lane

  1. Ha! I identify with this chap and this scenario you describe. I too break into song when I am out walking on my own, often not even realising I am doing it, and sometimes not even while listening to music.

    • I htink this is such a wonderful thing, to feel happy and content that you want to singe. And sharing it with others, no matter how badly you sing (not that you do, I just mean in general), well, that is a gift to the world, I think.

  2. Thank you for one wonderful way to start the day, it’s a good morning read. (through the years actually) I’ve always enjoyed yr visual art but was sleepy to yr words. Yr a poet too!
    “Top O’ the morning”

    • Thank you. And also for enjoying my other side of creativity. I’ve always loved words and reading and now I can write and be heard. The blog world is a gift.

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