Tonight on the Menu

Tonight on the Menu

Let’s check the refrigerator
see what we’ve got for dinner
and I start with
of almond milk.
Throw it out. It smells off to me.
Squash bisque.
Bisque, fine, but squashed what? Take no chances. Throw it out.
Sorrel leaf.
I thought you said “sorry” leaf. Enough of that.
Natural bark.
Now we’re talking. How many times have you asked
What’s for dinner?
How about some bark from that tree in the yard?
There is a reason.
Quick and easy to prepare. Take a bucket outside
and start peeling. Meanwhile
I’ll get out the eraser. The menu chalkboard
here at home cooking
is now on blackout status. Entries are closed
for dinner.


8 thoughts on “Tonight on the Menu

  1. Oh this poem truly speaks to the frustration of meal planning and the mental exhaustion involved in cooking dinner every evening – or am I very much projecting my own issues onto your words? There is a point in every week where I feel like I am on one of those cooking channel competition shows where the contestants have to conjure up a meal from whatever random assortment of ingredients are available.

    • I don’t have the same struggles as you do now but certianly in the past there was that sinking feeling of, another dinner…I always made menus and shopped to the list but there were also days each week when I just thoughtg…nooo! The bark from the tree idea is what I used to say when asked what is for dinner, if I were in one of those moods…

  2. Loving it! And laughing.
    Sticky rice? Scrape it off.
    String cheese? Tie it up
    Raw milk? Cook the damn thing.
    Uncultured yogurt? Take it to the library.

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