Little Vines 8/18/21

This week’s selection of Little Vines.

My reason for the problems with tonight’s dinner is
This kitchen
It’s not good at cooking. That’s for sure.

the house in the fog: no longer an awkward box
instead a lithe and agile shadow
that slips away between glances without a sound

the sky a bowl full of stars
where a big spoon somersaults
over the moon

the isolation of the house at the end of the road.
the ragged crepe myrtle swaying pink in the breeze.
the front door swollen shut. Long gone, they are
Whoever they were.

Flowery talk a videographer
the beach at sunset a lot of I love you
You could have saved yourself the effort
I just want the ring.

the unforgiving heart of
her associate Lillian S. Bangkok
often dreams things that later happen
and this frightens her

the night in a dark business suit
the sunset dressed in cerise
a short spectacular rendezvous

the doubly oppressive
the desperately possessive
he’d been hanging around
until she put a definite end to that.

Pink fiberglass insulation
tucked between rafters – I install it all day.
At night I dream of cotton candy.

I don’t have time to offer you a compliment.
Just go ahead and brag about yourself instead and
charge it to my account. How about that?

the door opens
the light shines
the delicate moment takes its chance

The gardener and her flowers:
in an autumn macabre mood
she took a head count
then cut them all off

the red carpet
it might have just rolled out for you
but if I were you
I’d check where it’s going before I’d take a step

in the dark basement the fiends beckon
I open my mouth to scream when
the spell is broken
by the chime of the dryer finishing its cycle

The pianist
rumbling through the piece
like an out-of-control bulldozer

the eggshells snuggle gently
step carefully
yes, I know, I know, I know.

hard drab slide seep bemoan:
the panorama of the afterlife you chose
only now reveals its deficiencies to you

the champion
standing in the rain alone
with his medal around his neck

7 thoughts on “Little Vines 8/18/21

    • Thank you! I try to so a session every week and it is always enjoyable and sometimes with some insights, and other times – I just like making up tiny stories!

    • Gla you said that, I was wondering if any of them made sense, though I usually think that right after I have written a whole group – anyway, they are always fun to do so I have to say, each one is my favorite when I am writing it and it goes…zing! right into place.

  1. These are all fabulous, Claudia. I do love the way your words stimulate the senses. I could hear the thudding keys of the piano in 5144 and see the brilliant sunset darkening into night in 5136.

    • Thank you, I think because I don’t hold pictures of memories in my mind, I am one of those people who sees nothing in my mind’s eye – so therefore I have learned to use words to evoke the feelings that I guess others use their visual memory to get to that feeling. I do love words.

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