6 thoughts on “Under the Chandelier

  1. I feel it! I sense the presence of the moment through your words. Love it! 😇

    • Thank you. I actually like weddings – as long as I have no role in them at all of any kind. Put me at Table 75 in the far back with your Uncle Ed and three cousins you don’t remember, and I’ll be fine. I especially like seeing all the clothes everyone wears (it seems to me that people certainly dress differently than they used to at weddings, maybe you can fill us in…) and cake. I love wedding cake.

  2. I love the focus on all of those pristine white, reflective, sparkling details. They really speak to the artifice of the wedding which sets up the reader for that cutting final line.

    • I like weddings. I would go to a stranger’s wedding, I think they are so full of fascinating human detail. I admit to a more nuanced view of the fairy tale wedding vs the reality of marriage, but – in the end I guess I still hope. Even when I don’t, if you know what I mean.

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